Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island located off the coast of Venezuela. This tropical paradise is a superb island destination for tourists seeking anything from relaxation to adventure!

Whether you’re traveling for a romantic couple’s getaway, fun family vacation or special celebration, Aruba offers the perfect setting for any occasion.

Being an exotic holiday destination, there are plenty of hotels in Aruba to choose from. Here we’ve listed the best hotels in Aruba which offer amazing views of the alluring Caribbean sea…

Because if you’re going to vacay in Aruba, you might as well do it properly!

Turn Your Caribbean Holiday Dreams Into A Reality By Staying At One Of These Irresistible Hotels In Aruba…

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*Love-heart eyes* who wants to stay in one? From all-inclusive to intimate and cosy, these are the irresistible hotels in Aruba offering awe-inspiring views of the alluring turquoise Caribbean Sea. (click through to find out!)

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  1. Aruba looks like a fabulous place for fun in the sun. I would love to spend a few weeks trying the all out!

  2. So many great suggestions! Aruba looks like such a great island–we haven’t been but have visited one of its neighbor islands, Curacao, a few times. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Aruba looks really awesome–I love the pool! I would love to have time to visit all the spots on your list! 🙂

  3. With views like these I would never leave the hotel!! Aruba looks so gorgeous, I would love to visit some day. Great list of hotels and thanks for the wanderlust!

  4. I LOVE a good ocean view… especially while vacationing. Therefore, I’ll definitely be bookmarking this fabulous list. How will I be able to choose?! Thanks for sharing and happy travels 🙂

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