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So this is me being brutally honest about why I believe blogging (or simply creating content online in general) is so important, whether you plan to do it while traveling or not.

First though, I need to get a few important things off my chest, things that actually annoy me when it comes to success and money.

I want you to take a second to think about this next statement…

Your mindset ultimately determines which path you take in life, what kind of impact you have on the world, and the legacy you leave behind.

Now picture your dream life, go all out…


What are you doing? Who are you helping? How are you making an impact?

Imagine if you could successfully achieve all of this in your lifetime… Do you think it’s possible?

Most people will say not really, but of course it is! Anything you put your mind to is achievable.

It all comes down to training your mindset for success.

Success… A word that is often associated with too much power and greed.

Why is that? Why is it that people who dedicate their time and energy to becoming successful (whatever that may encompass) are seen as selfish or materialistic?

It’s those people who have the mindset and the resources to change the world, to make a positive impact and leave a powerful legacy behind.

Walt Disney… Henry Ford… Steve Jobs… What did they all have in common?

They were all millionaires who created their own success and leveraged it to change the world.

Yes, money is power. Placed in the wrong hands, it can have a negative effect, but placed in the right hands, amazing things can happen.

So let’s relate this back to blogging as a business – yes, generating income through publishing online.

Many times I’ve come across bloggers and creators who would love to make some money in order to, you know, live, but won’t monetise their online content because it’s ‘wrong’…

“Blogging should come from the heart – you should blog because it’s a passion, not with business in mind…”

“Focusing on gaining lots of traffic [visits] and money means that you’re only in it for the fame and don’t really care about your audience…”

“Advertising and marketing tactics are evil – you’re persuading people to follow you and buy your stuff because you want to be more popular and rich.”

Ok… So what about the thousands… hundreds of thousandsmillions more people you’re able to reach and help with your content by focusing on generating more traffic and income?

… Income that can be invested back into reaching more people.

Because this is ultimately what it comes down to – helping other people.

Not getting popular and rich.

So this brings me to the main topic I want to share with you today…

7 Important Reasons To Start A Blog And Make Money From It

Watch now:

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Why Start A Blog? Summary Of Points From Video

In summary, the reasons why starting a website and monetising it are important are as follows…

1. Blogging Allows You To Develop New Skills

Reasons to start a blog: develop new skills

When you start a blog there are a whole range of things that you have to learn in order to make it successful…

Marketing, social media, SEO, writing, programming, design, metrics, traffic, how to generate an income

There are so many things that you need to learn that essentially, you end up developing these skills just by going through the process.

These skills can be highly beneficial for you in so many ways, for example, they’re great on your resume.

Digital marketing is where marketing is at now and by having skills in this area, you’ll be able to excel in many areas of online business.

If you need to develop more skills in order to land your dream job or create your dream business, running a monetised blog is a fantastic place to start.

2. Blogging Allows You To Help Other People

Reasons to start a blog: help other people

A lot of people get into blogging because they are passionate about writing and want to share their creative energy with more people…

But there is an even deeper reason to get into blogging and that is to help other people.

It all comes down to providing valuable content and resources to help others solve a problem they may be facing.

It’s a good feeling to know that you are able to help them achieve their goals and have success in their lives as well.

If you want to succeed at blogging, generate an income and create a big impact, then offer immense value to your readers – help and inspire them.

You don’t even have to physically be somewhere to help someone…

Through your blog you are able to reach and help hundreds… thousands… millions of people around the world all at once.

That’s pretty cool.

3. Blogging Allows You To Generate Income

Reasons to start a blog: generate an income

Of course, if you’re going to get into blogging as a business, you want to be able to generate an income from it.

This is the point where I see a lot of bloggers and creatives struggle because they don’t feel confident in making money from helping other people online…

This mindset is what holds a lot of us back from doing the things we want in life…

And it’s also what holds a lot of us back from reaching and helping more people  – which is essentially what all of this comes down to.

Money helps with so many things… When you are able to generate an income from your blog in a positive and sustainable way, it goes far beyond you.

How do you expect to live in a meaningful, passionate way without being able to support your family, put food on the table, help a cause, invest in your business or do the things that you dream of due to negative money blocks?

Money can be a difficult thing to shift your mindset about but when you do it, you’ll notice a huge change in your life.

For example, think about how you can use the income to invest back into your business and help more people.

Another benefit of blogging as a business is that you have the opportunity to create a flow of passive income.

By generating passive income from your blog, you no longer have to trade your time for money, instead, you trade value for money.

This means that even though you do need to work hard to build up to this point, eventually you don’t necessarily need to be present or awake to be earning an income.

This may be through the books, eBooks or courses you sell…

Through your readers clicking on ads when they visit your site…

Through your readers purchasing a product that you have recommended as an affiliate…

And the list goes on…

The freedom that this creates is incredible because it allows you to do so much more in your life and ultimately gives you back your time.

4. Blogging As A Business Gives You Back Your Time

Reasons to start a blog: gain back your time

By starting a blog and generating an income from it you are essentially able to create more time for yourself, your family and the people around you.

If it is your dream to be able to spend more time with your children or partner…

Do more valuable things together…

Go on more adventures…

Work on your health…

But you don’t have time because you’re currently trading your hours for money, then blogging as a business will allow you to do all of those things.

Of course you do have to put a lot of work into making it successful but in the long run, once you’ve got it working like a machine, you will gain back that time and it will allow you to have more quality in your lifestyle.

It also gives you the freedom to invest your time in doing more positive things without the need to earn money…

Things like volunteering, working with charities, simply helping other people and creating that positive impact.

Many people who work long hours at a physical job or business struggle to take care of their health as much as they should and this tends to have a negative impact on the way they live and work…

But imagine having the time to cook good wholesome meals, exercise, focus on mental clarity and do the things that really help you to feel good

How do you think this would impact your ability to think clearer, feel happier, work harder, and excel in every aspect of your life?

Not only will having the time to focus on your health help you to live longer and live with more impact, it will also help you with your blogging business.

Being in a clearer state of mind and having more energy to push forward will shine through in your work!

5. Blogging As A Business Allows You To Travel

 Reasons to start a blog: travel more

By gaining more time back, you are ultimately able to travel more!

In fact, by running your blog as a business and generating an income from it, you’ll be able to travel as much as you like because you can do it from anywhere.

Not only that, there are many other opportunities to travel through running a blog…

Partnerships… Sponsorships… Short term collaborations…

You can even share stories from your travel adventures on your blog if you want to.

We believe traveling is so important because it allows you to open your mind to new cultures… new opportunities… different people… different things…

Traveling allows you to learn so much more – you are learning every day when you travel

From the people that you meet, to the places that you see, to the history, to the food, to the culture, to the religion…

You are constantly stimulating your brain and in doing so, your brain becomes so much more elastic and it allows you to do that in other areas of your life as well.

It helps to inspire you to be more… to create more… to grow.

Turning on CNN every night and seeing a negative, scary version of the world doesn’t inspire people to step out of their comfort zone, in fact, it generally encourages them stay in it…

It’s very easy for us to get stuck in a our own little bubble but very difficult to leave it and explore the unknown.

It’s scary for a lot of us… But by developing the courage and taking that first leap through travel, you’ll notice that you’ll find it much easier to step out of your comfort zone in many other areas of your life as well…

The growth that you will see in yourself is incredible.

6. Blogging As A Business Fosters Growth

Reasons to start a blog: grow in many aspects of your life

So in the last two points we touched on how blogging and online business can give you the time to travel which can consequently help you to grow in many aspects of your life…

In this point I’m going to cover how starting and monetising a blog in itself can help you to grow and achieve your goals.

Touching on the comfort zone again…

I think it’s quite normal for most of us to feel comfortable going through the motions of life in a fairly straight line…

But by not taking certain (sometimes scary) steps to tilt that line in an upwards direction, reaching those dreams and goals I asked you to imagine at the beginning of this post is going to be very difficult.

It’s why so many people say they would love to do something, but it’s just a dream…

Because the thought of the effort they must go to in order to take the necessary steps to tilt the line upwards seems too damn draining.

But a lot of people don’t realise that they can tilt that line in an upwards direction just by taking small baby steps to get there…

By just doing something.

A simple thing like starting your own website. Growing it to become a business. Reaching and helping people around the world. Traveling (even if it’s in your own city). Stepping out of your comfort zone. Learning how to generate an income. Developing new skills. Building something from scratch. Working on your health and fitness. Spending time with your family…

All of these things come together to help propel you and set you up for success.

The steps you take don’t have to be big and scary.

Continually doing something to move one step closer to your dream – that’s whats going to help you and your business to grow.

And with growth comes opportunity

7. Blogging As A Business Creates A World Of Opportunities

Reasons to start a blog: create opportunities

Being able to create opportunities is one of the absolute biggest reasons why Dan and I, our team at Adireto, and many other entrepreneurs I know, do what we do.

Opportunities… Not only for ourselves, not only for our families, not only for the people who come to our site for advice…

As online business owners, we are able to create opportunities for people around the world.

We’re able to provide jobs.

And the amazing opportunity that online business creates is being able to outsource tasks to people from any country in the world.

You can give a part time job to someone who is currently earning minimum wage in India, for example.

Some people are on less that $2 a day in India.

Imagine if you could outsource your article writing, social media or PR efforts, for example, to someone who is skilled and has the know-how, but unable to leverage that and achieve their dreams in their own country.

They would see your offer as an amazing opportunity, even if you can’t afford to pay them a lot (compared to American standards) when you’re just starting out.

And of course, as your blogging business grows with the addition of new team members, help them to grow with you… Increase their hours, increase their pay…

Help them to help you to help them. 🙂

It’s not like you have a physical brick and mortar business in Australia and you’re paying someone $20 an hour to sit on Facebook…

Blogging allows you to leverage people from around the world who have the knowledge and the skills to do the job and you can provide them with an opportunity they might not get in their own country.

Being able to pay someone so that they can support their family and achieve their dreams and goals isn’t difficult once you start generating an online income.

It works like a cycle…

Use the income to hire people around the world…

They will in turn help to grow the blog and increase the revenue…

From there, you can create more opportunities…

Hire more people…

Reach more readers…

Increase your engagement…

Help other businesses grow alongside you.

Something as simple as starting a website can provide opportunities to so many people!

That’s what I love about the world of online business – how many people you can reach and how many different people you can help just through that one little piece of internet land you own.

In Conclusion…

Looking back on everything I’ve talked about in this video and blog post, I hope I’ve been able to help you realise that blogging as a business isn’t about making lot’s of money and going on luxury holidays…

There are at least 7 deep reasons as to why we encourage you guys to start a blog and generate an income from it.

It’s so cheap to start a blog and create content that not only has the power to reach and help countless people around the world but also support you and your family and ultimately, change lives

These days Bluehost are doing amazing deals on self-hosted websites from as little as literally $3.95 per month for 36 months for our readers.

Check it out: Start a Self-hosted WordPress Blog

Seriously though…

That’s 3 years of blogging. 3 years of helping people around the world. 3 years of supporting your family with a remote income! For the cost of a pair of sneakers.

We never got a deal like that, but Bluehost give us these special discount links to offer to you, so use ’em up!

It’s normally about $8 per month, so if ever you see one of our links promoting $3.95 p/m deals to start a blog, know that you’re getting a bargain.

Here’s the link to get started: Start a Self-hosted WordPress Blog

I have plenty more content on how to start and set up your blog as well as monetise it, so if you’re in need of a hand just leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll help you out.

You are capable of going after your dreams and making a positive impact. It’s just about taking that first step, however scary it may seem!

And remember, blogging as a business does not leave you confined to one corner of the world…

So if it is your goal to travel more, this will give you the opportunity to go for it.

I hope this has given you some food for thought today! Whether you agree or disagree, I’m just happy to connect with you and share our passion for travel.

What do you think about all of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

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If you love to travel and connect with the rest of the world, these 7 reasons to start a blog and make money from it go far beyond what you may think. They go far beyond you earning a living through creating content online. Watch my video to find out how you can make a difference and create a huge impact on the world with a simple blog... (click through to watch and read my article)

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