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We look at ways in which you can turn travel INTO a lifestyle and continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

In this section of the site you will find tips and strategies to become location independent and earn a living from anywhere as well as inspirational and how-to articles on productivity, mindset, health & well-being, expat life, finance and more.

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Overcoming The Downsides Of Remote Jobs

Having a emote job is great but it's not made for everyone. Here are the most common bad sides of working from home and how to deal with them.

Coconut Oil: Beauty And Health Miracle

Coconut oil has numerous health and beauty benefits. Here are a few ideas on how to get the best out of this nature's product.

Personal Development: Key To Long-Term Happiness

Personal development is a skill and a lifestyle designed to make you grow as a person and achieve your goals. Start today and keep going!

Dress Code: Wedding Guest DO’s and DONT’s

We’ve all been there; we receive the wedding invitation and we get excited for the couple. However, that excitement is short-lived when...
10 Houseplants For Stress And Indoor Air Quality

10 Houseplants For Stress And Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants are more than just a decoration to any home; they are an amazing source of oxygen, especially if you live in...

How To Create A Healing Environment In Your Home

Home is your sanctuary, and creating spa-like feeling and healing environment in your space is vital for your family's sense physical and...

What You Need To Know About Starting A Business Abroad

Moving to a foreign county is exciting and scary enough. Starting a business abroad is even a bigger challenge but there are...

In Harmony With Nature: Essential Oils Guide

Welcome to the magic world of essential oils! Our goal is to go through the basics and point out the relevance they have for a healthy home.

How To Pack Like A Pro Minimalist Traveler

Minimalism is not a trend, it's a lifestyle. If you want to be a happy minimalist traveler, here's where you should start.
Pets feel your anxiety and worry

6 Helpful Tips For Moving Abroad With Pets

If you're moving abroad, you should consider keeping your furry friends safe. Here are tips to make moving less stressful for your pets.