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We look at ways in which you can turn travel INTO a lifestyle and continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

In this section of the site you will find tips and strategies to become location independent and earn a living from anywhere as well as inspirational and how-to articles on productivity, mindset, health & well-being, expat life, finance and more.

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5 Ways To Stress Proof Your Home

As the saying goes, home is where your heart is and you want to create a peaceful and stress free zone for yourself and your family and friends. Here are five easy steps to improve your living space and turn it into a place you can call home.
Good night's sleep and its benefits

6 Healthy Habits To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Here are 6 healthy habits to help you sleep like a baby.

Anti-Bucket List: What You Don’t Want to Do, See And Feel

Unlike bucket list, anti-bucket list is a fun and creative way to approach all the things you don't want. Here's how and why you should make it.

In Harmony With Nature: Essential Oils Guide

Welcome to the magic world of essential oils! Our goal is to go through the basics and point out the relevance they have for a healthy home.

How To Style Classic Fashion Pieces

No matter what your age is, there are some outfits that will never go out of style. Here's how to give your classic fashion pieces a fresh, new look.

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude: The Benefits Of Expressing More Gratitude...

Expressing gratitude is an excellent way to focus on the good in your life and it does not require anything but a few minutes of your time. What is it all about? Find out now:

Lessons From The Top 10 Healthiest Countries In The World

The healthiest countries of 2019 are teaching us more about moderation and the importance of having a sense of freedom and good working conditions.

You Can’t Get Any Better Than These 10 Phone Apps

Stay in charge with these 10 helpful smartphone apps that won't negatively take power over your life.

The Beginner’s Guide To Natural Living

Natural living brings you close to nature, and it helps make your body and mind healthier while creating a huge impact on our planet.

7 Secrets Of Stylish People

First impressions are important and even though we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, why not give yourself a chance to always look your best? Here are the the best kept secrets of stylish people: