Sunday, May 20, 2018
7 stunning beaches in Rio de Janeiro you won't want to leave

Top 7 Stunning Beaches in Rio de Janeiro You Can’t Miss

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beautiful, diverse beaches. Here are the top 7 beaches in Rio de Janeiro we didn't want to leave & neither will you.
A travel vlog about Rio de Janeiro and Rio Water Planet

[Travel Vlog] Rio Water Planet Fun In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In this vlog we're chilling out on the beach in Niteroi, witnessing yet another magical sunset and getting wet and wild at the majorly fun Rio Water Planet!
Travel Vlog in Rio de Janeiro - Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo

[Travel Vlog] Cruising The Caribbean of Brazil!

We're in Cabo Frio & Arraial do Cabo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, swimming in the clearest water we've ever seen - this is the spectacular Caribbean of Brazil
Video blog - travel in Búzios, Brazil

[Travel Vlog] Off Road Kombi Driving + Live Brazilian Music In...

Well, what a week! Búzios was an amazing getaway from our otherwise chaotic journey through Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All I can say is that I...

[Travel Vlog] We Found The Perfect Vacation Destination In Brazil! Pinch...

Exotic hidden coves, vibrant beach-side bars and sunshine every day - this is Búzios and we vote it the perfect vacation destination in Brazil (take us back!)

[Travel Vlog] Epic Waterfalls in Sana, Rio de Janeiro!

EPIC waterfalls, an unexpected injury and tons of stunning natural beauty in Sana, Rio de Janeiro! Come with us as we take you to Sana, a small village located about 4 hours away from the city of Rio for some fun in the countryside. A perfect weekend getaway in Brazil if you're looking for a place to relax and get back to nature.

Vlog: Travel Off The Beaten Path in Brazil – Rio de...

We're heading out of Rio and into someplace a little more... dusty. Going off the beaten path isn't always all it's cracked up to be...

Travel Vlog: Escadaria Selarón Colorful Stairs in Rio de Janeiro

An unexpected, yet awe-inspiring detour through Santa Teresa, stopping at the famous Escadaria Selarón (colorful stairs) on our way to somewhere a little more remote...

[VIDEO] Day 3 of our Stay in a Favela – A...

Come wander, refresh and marvel at incredible views in travel vlog #6, the third and final video about our stay in a favela.
Travel Vlog - Stay/visit a favela

Travel Vlog: What it’s Actually Like to Stay in a Favela...

In this video we show you what it's really like to stay in a pacified favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Come with us as we take you out for breakfast, walk you through colourful and crooked alleyways and finish off with a beautiful kite show at sunset.

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