Hang Seng MPOWER Card

How to Apply for Hang Seng MPOWER Card

If you are looking for a credit card that gives you great cash back rewards, then the Hang Seng MPOWER Card just might be...

How To Apply For American Express® Platinum Credit Card

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How To Apply For Citi Cash Back Visa Card

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How To Apply For CNCBI VISA Platinum Credit Card

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 How to Apply for Standard Chartered Asia Miles MasterCard

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How to Apply for ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

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Hong Kong Food Guide for Foodies

Here it is, your very own Hong Kong Food Guide with 21 of the best places to eat in Hong Kong! A great mix of crowd favorites & the author's special picks!
Spring in March

Where To Travel In March 2019

March, the onset of Spring, is a beautiful month to travel as most places are less crowded and more beautiful. Here's where to travel in March this year.
Victoria Peak - Hong Kong Travel tips

Traveler Advice: Hong Kong Travel Tips You Should Know Before Visiting

Going to Hong Kong and looking for inspiration & advice? In this interview, Alexander Lagani shares his best Hong Kong travel tips for first-time visitors.
Hanging out at 'The Peak', Hong Kong

Picture Of The Day: Giant Man Takes Over Hong Kong

Watch out! There's one giant Brazilian man along with one terrifyingly giant toddler on the loose and they're taking over Hong Kong!

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