Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination located in central Turkey.

This area is a semi-arid region and well known for its distinctive “fairy chimneys” and tall, cone-shaped rock formations.

There are plenty of hotels located in this area, but what makes them special is that they are built into the caves.

So, if you skip staying in one of these amazing cave hotels in Cappadocia, you may not get the most fulfilment out of your Turkey trip.

Here we have listed our 15 favourite cave hotels in Cappadocia, which are all a mind-blowing $150 per night or less.

For this amount, you can enjoy an exceptional luxury cave living experience without spending big bucks from your pocket!

Stay At One Of These Amazing Cave Hotels In Cappadocia For Under $150 And Bring Home An Unforgettable Memory…

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Oh my! So tempted... Enjoy a unique luxury cave living experience by staying at one of these 15 amazing cave hotels in Cappadocia Turkey. All for under $150 per night! (Click through to find your ideal cave hotel)


  1. I worked n Turkey for 2 summers and sadly Cappadocia was one of the few places i didn’t get to visit. I will visit here one day! Although i may skip on one of the infamous hot air balloon rides….i’m terrified of heights!

    • Hi Lauren, Hope you will make it to Cappadocia next time. Cappadocia is an interesting place and has so many things to do. If you skip hot air ballooning, you can do other things like horse riding, trekking or cycling. Also, you can visit the famous fairy chimneys and Kaymakli underground city to get an insight about Cappadocia. And don’t forget to stay in a cave hotel to gather an experience of the lifetime. Happy traveling!

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