Free MP3
Free MP3

The Chesnut Trio telling their story at Tangor, a popular French inspired restaurant in Luang Prapang, Laos. The song was recorded on a ZOOM H6. The event was sponsored by Banque Franco Lao.

Jason Shooster – Electric guitar
Alex Martirano – 6-string bass
Dan Cortazio – Cajon

Click the play button below or download the file for free right here:



  1. […] One afternoon in rehearsal, Glen, one of the band members, shed a new light on what music meant to them. As each person went in for their solo he’d call out, “Okay, time to tell us your story!”. Instantly the band members transformed into storytellers. Instead of just playing their solo’s, they would put their heart and mind into connecting with the audience. This caught on with the people of Pai. They were the talk of the town and before long Dan, Jason and Alex (three members of The Pairats) had scored themselves a four night gig in Laos (free MP3). […]

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