Hey guys!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new travel gift store, SHOP STORYV, we are giving away a bunch of our popular OCEANA World Map Watches!

As you might know, we run our online business out of Hong Kong and recently had the amazing opportunity to visit China for the first time (more on that trip to come soon).

Long story short, we made some arrangements and now we’ve got dozens of world map watches to give away!


But why are we doing this?


3 Reasons…

OCEANA world map watch giveaway - turquoise green

First is to get the word out about SHOP STORYV.

And for that we know we have to invest in reaching more people and spreading our message to the world, which is to travel more and gain an education like no other!

Second, this watch really resonates with that message…

We believe that traveling enriches our lives in a way nothing else does, so imagine having the world on your wrist and being inspired every second of the day to plan your next trip!

And finally, it looks amazing! We started SHOP STORYV with the vision to help you see the world in style and do it practically…

Doubling as a watch and a statement piece of jewelry, we’d say this product fits the bill entirely!

Giveaway Rules

OCEANA world map watch giveaway - turquoise greenSo to enter the giveaway and receive your world map watch it’s actually really simple…

All we ask is that you share our giveaway with your friends on social media using your unique shareable link.

And when 5 of your friends sign up for the giveaway through you, our system will automatically send you the link to pick up your watch. Simples!

Shipping isn’t included but it’s just a flat rate of $5 to anywhere in the world. 🙂


For more details on the giveaway, watch my quick video below…

Giveaway Video


Enjoy your new watch and if you love it, don’t forget to share some pics with us on Instagram by tagging our handle, @storyv_com and using the hashtag #shopstoryv. 🙂

To celebrate the launch of our brand new travel gift store, SHOP STORYV, we're giving away a bunch of amazing world map watches! Click through to get yours!

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