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Welcome to another Nomad Masterclass where every Tuesday I interview a different digital nomad who has successfully turned travel into a lifestyle!

From what they do, to how they got started, to what they earn, to how they are able to live and work abroad, to how they overcome the logistics of it all… You’re going to learn the lot.


Today I want to introduce you to our sixth Nomad Masterclass, where I interview Russian born Daria Vodopianova, a polyglot and traveler currently living and working around Australia as a freelance social media consultant.

You can check out what services she offers on her website, and gain a ton of social media inspiration and advice through her Instagram.

In this interview you’re going to learn about how to work as a social media consultant or online service provider when you move or travel overseas, and we’ll be covering everything from freelance visas to working with clients to bringing your online work into the offline space.


As a freelance social media consultant, Daria will share her best tips on what you need to do to get the ball rolling with your location independent career and start earning a remote income as a digital nomad.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and take note (it’s all in the video below)!

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Welcome to episode six of The Nomad Masterclass…

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Remote Career Options: How To Provide Online Services While Traveling (Interview)

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In this episode of the Nomad Masterclass we interview Russian traveler, Daria Vodopianova, on how to provide online services while traveling. Click through to watch now!

Watch “How To Provide Online Services While Traveling” Video Interview


To learn more about Daria’s social media services or get in touch about mentorship, head over to and check out her Instagram @murashkaconsulting.

Now it’s over to you! Did you like this interview? Pass it on to your friends who might also be interested in how to provide online services while traveling, and tell us…

Are you planning to provie online services while traveling in order to have a location independent lifestyle? Which strategies would you like us to cover in further detail?

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