Most travelers and backpackers who are fond of working out and meditating prefer to have it done in the comfort of their guestroom. This is where in-room workouts, which can be accessed on TV, come in handy. Several hotels have taken this into consideration. For instance, Dream Downtown in Manhattan N.Y., has partnered with Melisa Wood Health, a fitness program run by health and wellness coach Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, to create content for their guests.

The director of marketing for Dream Hotels, Racheal Kaplan, says “The app that we created is exclusively for this partnership. All of the videos can be accessed on demand, which is an important feature because we wanted to make sure our guests could easily watch the videos and be able to pause, resume, and fast-forward as needed. This way, our guests are able to curate a workout based on their own individual needs.”

The five meditation and workout videos range from 10 to 30 minutes and offer a variety of exercises, from arms to abs to Pilates. There is also a guidebook, written by Melissa, for guests who prefer to meditate with their TVs switched off. This book has topics for meditation and guides guests to find relaxed mindsets. The health-focused program also includes a room service menu with healthier modifications, including dairy-free items.

Guests enjoy that the workouts are quick and easy so they can stay active while balancing either business meetings or packed sightseeing schedules. Kaplan says guests have embraced Melissa’s soothing voice guiding them through the exercises. “Melissa’s voice is a big part of why they enjoy the workouts. She has such a calming nature about her,” she says. “Rather than having someone bark workouts to you in the morning, you can wake up and feel relaxed while working out, which is great.”

Kaplan suggests hoteliers to add on-demand health and wellness content to their properties pursue that goal. “We’ve found that our guests really want to stay on property and use these amenities. The bottom line is, you can always incorporate health and wellness into the guest experience, and your guests will thank you for it.”