Welcome to our September/October travel income report!

If you have only just tuned in, you came at the right time! We’re now on to our second travel income report and we’ve been up to a few different things since the last one.


Every two months we’ve been posting these company reports (well, this one and the last one) to show you how possible it is to make an income while travelling.

To refresh your memory, we are the founders of Adireto Ltd, a new internet based business started up in Hong Kong earlier this year. We recently transferred the following websites over to the business and we also use it as a direct advertisement agency. To find out more about the company click here.

We decided to write these income reports to be as transparent as possible with you and potential partners. We are normal people who like to travel and have managed to find a way to create an income on the road. This does not make us millionaires by any means but hopefully it inspires you think outside the box and create the life you want.


As this is a new business, we do not pay for our travel/living expenses with the income made.

Let’s jump right in.

The Congress

Well September and early October were pretty full on really.

At the end of August we finished our road trip in the UK and travelled on over to the lovely city of Amsterdam where we found a place to live for 5 weeks.

A few days in and Dan had landed a consulting job which had him providing assistance to a client who was setting up an online congress.

The service included some online coaching but the majority of the workload consisted of building and maintaining landing pages, developing email marketing campaigns, creating Facebook ad campaigns, uploading and scheduling speeches, designing banners, analysing stats and all the technical stuff in between. Shortly after the congress had finished, the client continued to work with Dan on the development of a new website.

Hours and hours were spent at home, glued to the lap-top but the skills and confidence Dan was able to develop on the job were well worth it.

We might just have a nifty idea now for a new project in early 2015. Stay tuned for that!

Feminine X

If you read the last travel income report you might remember how I wrote about this one website we bought back in April, Feminine X. It’s a women’s e-zine (online magazine) generating a small accumulating income from Google Adsense.

Our original idea for this website was to find a freelance writer who could also manage the content and do some promotion on our main social media platform, Pinterest to grow our reach. We had a target of raising our Adsense revenue up to $1000 a month.

It’s been a bit of a slow start.

No wait, it’s been a really slow start.

So far we’ve hired a few writers now and none of them seem to be fitting right. The site needs some huge improvement as most of the older content is vague and doesn’t offer a lot of value. We can see this is affecting our traffic as the bounce rate (people coming to the site and then leaving straight away) on some posts is quite high. There are a couple of posts performing quite well however, including this one about blood type diets and this one about the benefits of green tea.

In October, Feminine X received over 41,000 page views according to Google Analytics. This means that we do have quite a lot of traffic coming in and there is plenty of opportunity to get Feminine X growing and earning more revenue… It’s just finding someone to help us get there.

You may remember me mentioning in the last report that we had found someone and were excited about finally getting some good content on the site…

Well after about a month of working together, it turned out that the girl we thought we hired for the job was a guy, but I won’t go into that.

Let’s just say we probably shouldn’t have trusted someone to take care of the site straight away after about 3 failed attempts at a Skype call.

By the end of October we were on the lookout again for a female (for the fact that it is a womens magazine) to look after the content on our site and promote it. We were originally only looking on but we then we decided to expand our search to as well.

More on that in the next report!


StoryV didn’t get much love in the last 2 months which is something that is going to change very soon! We were doing too much running here there and everywhere, especially when we got on separate planes to opposite sides of the world in mid October.

While I’m sitting in the humidity of Australia writing this report, Dan is all the way over in Brazil. Could we get much further apart? Nonetheless, when we meet back up after Christmas, there will be some big changes happening to StoryV. But more on that later.

We started advertising StoryV and the eBook for the first time on Facebook towards the end of October. We’ve been creating campaigns to reach different parts of the world and so far, so good in terms of new email subscribers and followers on social media. As we essentially want to grow our reach in order to inspire and help as many people as possible to travel more, we recently bought a course on Facebook advertising from Udemy . We are still learning the ins and outs of Facebook advertising as it is more complicated than it seems but when we do have the hang of it, you’ll be the first to know!

Now, let’s get on to figures, shall we?

As we only report on income once it has reached the account and all fees have been taken out, I’m going to have to apologise for the somewhat bare looking income report for these last two months. All Adsense earnings are still accumulating due to a certain someone (cough, Dan) forgetting to send off the required paperwork to Hong Kong. Fingers crossed next time we’ll have it!

Income Report Sept – Nov 2014


Consulting: EUR €993.19


Accumulating (until we get paperwork sorted and sent to HK)

Affiliate Commissions:

Bluehost: US $195.00

Envato Theme Forest: US $134.40

Elegant Themes: US $64

Direct Advertisement:

EUR €1949.54


HK:  $0
USD: $393.40
EURO: €2942.73

Approximate Total in HKD: $31,339.23

The sub-total amounts shown above depict the exact figures we received after fees. But to keep it simple for this post series we use XE Currency exchange to exchange all sub-total amounts into Hong Kong Dollars for the total as Hong Kong is where the business is based. Please bear in mind, this isn’t 100% accurate.

To find out how much this total amount is equivalent to in some other currencies, please see below:

US Dollars
The Great British pound
Brazilian real
Australian Dollar
Indian rupee
Japanese yen

Goals for next report

If you’ve been keeping up to date with us on the blog and social media, you might have seen the beginning of our new project – the Niche Website Championship. Basically, NWC is a competition I am having with Tim from Passive Income Pilgrim and it entails both of us going up against each other to see who can earn a passive income in the shortest period of time. For this, we both have to create a new niche website and monetise it. You can read more about NWC here. So now, for the next few weeks I am going to be focused on setting up my new website, creating affiliate partnerships, writing up an email sales funnel and getting some content on the blog.

I’m hoping to start earning some income from this new niche site by January 2015, so I have to get my butt into gear.  Starting off, I aim to create 80% of my income from affiliate marketing via email, blogging and social media with the other 20% coming from Google Adsense. Eventually, if all goes to plan and the site grows, opportunities to create more income from sponsored posts and direct advertisement should arise.

While doing this we’ll also be upping our game on StoryV. We’d like to change the layout and theme of this site to facilitate our goal of becoming more of an authority on helping people to travel more. So, for this to happen, we need content. I’ve just got to keep remembering ‘content is king’, ‘content is king’! Again, we’ll be making these changes and taking StoryV more seriously, growing it from a simple blog to a travel resource, including products in the early months of 2015.

And where will we be in 2015? South America baby!

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