Well hello 2015, you came around fast. In fact, so fast I’ve barely had time to think about our very last travel income report for 2014! If this is the first time you’ve read one of our reports about how we earn money while travelling, you might want to get a little background information here. We do this to inspire and show you that you can follow your dreams and that it really is possible to travel and live off an online income. It takes some work but if travelling is what you ultimately want to do, it’s 100% worth it.

As I mentioned in our last reports, the earnings recorded here are purely based on the figures for Adireto Ltd. We do not use this money for everyday living (travelling) as we do make personal income from other web properties. Long story short, Dan co-founded a popular Brazilian website (unrelated to Adireto Ltd) with his sister 9 years ago that earns revenue from advertisement. However, expenses such as website hosting, advertising and educational resources are covered by the company (Adireto Ltd) as we aim to re-invest all of the earnings back into the business.


For the most part, November and December were spent back in our home countries, spending time with our families over the Christmas period, hence why not a lot of blogging got done… Or anything else for that matter. I got myself a nice little part time job in a South American restaurant to socialise, keep fit and save up some extra cash on the side while Dan continued to work on the online business. It worked out quite well really because now we only use the money I managed to save as a back up (when Dan wants to buy more new websites, sigh).

While I was busy carrying trays of cocktails and taking meal orders in Australia, Dan was at home on his lap-top in Brazil, connecting with other online entrepreneurs, website owners and media companies. With this kind of work you might spend a week investing your time into contacting as many influential people as possible just to get your name out there and not notice any difference. But eventually it does pay off. The thing about doing business online is that you need an audience. Without an audience, there is no income and without an income there is no travel. The majority of the income made from these past two months came from direct advertisement, meaning we didn’t have to be physically working to earn money. No hours were swapped for dollars. Instead, time and money were invested into growing the website which, in turn, attracted advertisers. Now whenever someone clicks on an ad, we get paid. So can you see the importance of having traffic (people) coming to the page? As long as you spend time getting yourself out there and building an audience, you will have no problem creating an income online and this goes for everything, whether you are selling ad space, products, services, memberships or freelancing your way around the world.

On top of the direct advertisement earnings for November and December, affiliate commissions were also made from Envato Theme Forest and OptimizePress. Affiliate commissions are made when you promote someone else’s product or service and then close a sale. Basically, this can be done in many ways but the most common is by having a website and linking to the pages you want to promote with a unique URL. An effective way to do this is through blogging and email marketing. The initial sign-up process is quite simple but knowing how to promote and market a product/service can be the difficult part. Keep your eyes peeled for a new product coming soon that will show you exactly how to make affiliate commissions via Facebook! Oh by the way, Envato is where you’ll find thousands of stunning blog templates in Portuguese (which we can translate to English) and OptimizePress will help you to make the most of your blog with templates for landing, sales and membership pages (all about building that audience).


Last but not least we had two sales of Dans new product, Acesso Escritores Freelancer (Freelance Writers Access). This is a database of professional and trusted freelance writers who Dan has personally used for past and current projects. If you want to optimise your time, we highly recommend hiring freelancers to take care of the tasks you may not want to focus all of your energy on, such as copy writing, blog posting and managing your social media output. Freelance Writers Access is continuously updated with new freelance writers and comes with a one time membership fee of just $19. Bear in mind this list is in Portuguese so if you are looking for some online help in English head to http://freelancer.com.

Come December 28th I was back on a plane heading 30 hours west from Australia to Brazil (don’t ask why it didn’t go the other way). Starting off in São Paulo we headed straight to Rio de Janeiro for an epic New Years party at Copacabana beach and have been here ever since. What a beautiful place to call our office!

Now on to the numbers…

Travel Income Report November/December 2014

Product Sales:

Freelance Writers Access: US $35.72



Affiliate Commissions:

Envato Theme Forest: US $82.10

OptimizePress: US $195.20

Direct Advertisement:

EUR €2647.07


HK:  $0
USD: $313.02
EURO: €2647.07 

Total in HKD: $25,424.05

The sub-total amounts shown above depict the exact figures we received after fees. But to keep it simple for this post series we use XE Currency exchange to exchange all sub-total amounts into Hong Kong Dollars for the total as Hong Kong is where the business is based. Please bear in mind, due to the exchange rates going up and down this total may not be 100% accurate.

To find out how much this total amount is equivalent to in some other currencies, please see below:

US Dollars
The Great British pound
Brazilian real
Australian Dollar
Indian rupee

Goals For The Next Report

By time the next report comes around I’ll hopefully be able to tell you all about how we are staying in accommodation around Brazil for free! Fingers crossed we will also have our eBook edited and upgraded so we can start selling it with the help of Facebook ads. As we are going to be charging a small amount we are also working on some bonuses to throw into the package for free. At the same time, to encourage our readers to sign up to our email list we are working on another free product aimed at inspiring and helping people to travel on a tight budget. You’ll be amazed at what 8 bucks can buy you in some parts of the world!

We do have some other plans to monetize this site even more in the near future but for now I’ll keep that a little secret until we know it works… If it does then of course I’ll share all with you! It’s all about trying and testing really. If you don’t try you’ll never know what might work for you. This is something we are really going to be embracing over the next few months as well as not being afraid to just ask. The power of asking has already taken our travels to the next level and I’m so excited to tell you all about it in the next report! But until then…


Tell me, if you were to create an income while travelling, how would you do it?


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