The Northern Lights are one of the most mesmerising natural phenomena. It does depend on chance to experience this magic in the sky as it’s not a regular event, however, visiting between November and April will offer the most potential.

The Arctic region is blessed with some of the world’s most active northern lights displays. To ensure you have somewhere beautiful to stay during your visit, we’ve listed 15 of the best Northern Lights hotels in Scandinavia, from where you can watch this exceptional natural wonder…

Turn Your Scandinavian Holiday Into A Dream Come True By Staying At One Of These Cosy Northern Lights Hotels…

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Turn your Scandinavian winter holiday into a dream come true by staying at one of these cosy Northern Lights hotels and witnessing the magic of the sky... (click through to read)

15. Treehotel in Harads, Sweden

Northern lights hotel treehotel
One of the best images of Treehotel (photo: HotelsCombined)

Unique Theme, Unparalleled Design

Desire for an exceptional themed accommodation experience will land you in the Treehotel.

Treehotel offers you a unique lodging experience with unparalleled views of the Northern Lights. Unspoiled Swedish nature surrounds this hotel in the trees, creating a picture perfect view all around.

You are spoiled for choice here with 6 different room options according to your budget – The Cabin, Mirrorcube, Dragonfly, UFO, Blue Cone and Bird’s Nest.

Each eco-friendly room consists of stylish décor and furniture, including a large bed. Not only that, all rooms offer views of the forest, adjacent village, and Northern Lights spectacular.

Most interesting is, you can take a basic photography class to capture the awe-inspiring Aurora at Bodträskån, which lies in the hotel premises.

Prices start from just US$495. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

14. Svinoya Rorbuer in Svolvaer, Norway

Northern lights hotel Svinøya
One of the best images of Svinoya Rorbuer (photo: HotelsCombined)

The Best Of Both Worlds

Located in the vibrant fishing village of Svolvær, Svinoya Rorbuer is set within a dramatic landscape where you’ll find ocean on one side and mountains on the other.

For those who want to enjoy the phenomenon of the Northern Lights, this wooden cottage resort is a beautiful choice. Not only will you have a great view of the Nordic landscape, but you’ll also enjoy clear views of the aurora borealis.

Offering stylish accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, all the rooms have a flat-screen TV, tea/coffee maker, fridge and stove with oven.

If you want to get even cosier, some of the cottages come complete with a fireplace, balcony and private sauna.

Prices start from just US$121. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

13. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway

Northern lights hotel sorrisniva
One of the best images of Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (photo: HotelsCombined)

Incredible Ice Hotel Built Every Year

If you are looking for the best views of the Northern Lights, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is one of the most unique places to experience just that.

This ice hotel is built every year with a brand new theme and design. In fact, this rare form of accommodation, situated in Norway, is the world’s northernmost ice hotel.

Along with modern accommodation facilities, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel provides guided tours for Aurora watching, reindeer sledging, snowmobile safari, dog sledging and many other exciting winter activities.

Prices start from just US$494. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

12. Northern Light Inn in Grindavík, Iceland

Northern lights hotel northern light inn
One of the best images of Northern Light Inn (photo: HotelsCombined)

One Of The Best Northern Lights Hotels In Grindavík

True to its name, Northern Light Inn is a choice spot to witness the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

The rooms in this beautiful little hotel are spacious with comfy beds, eco geothermal heating, and free WiFi.

You’ll also enjoy getting cosy by the grand fireplace which is surrounded by a comfortable sitting area.

Serving complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate throughout the day, what more could you ask for?

Max’s Restaurant & Lounge is an onsite restaurant where you can indulge in your meals with a breathtaking view of the Reykjanes Penisula.

Prices start from just US$242. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

11. Mattarahkka Northern Light Lodge in Kiruna, Sweden

Northern lights hotel Mattarahkka
One of the best images of Mattarahkka Northern Light Lodge (photo: HotelsCombined)

Million Dollar Views

If it is your dream to discover the Northern Lights, Mattarahkka Northern Light lodge is an ideal place to stay.

The Abisko Alps provide a stunning backdrop to this small mountain lodge. Not only that, the Mattarahkka Northern Light Lodge offers beautiful rooftop views – think miles of unspoiled nature.

The interior decor design of each room was inspired by Sami culture and each feature flat-screen TVs, seating areas, and private bathrooms.

You can go skiing, ride snowmobiles or simply sit by the fireplace and view the Northern Lights from the rooftop of this wonderful lodge.

Prices start from just US$227. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

10. Kirkenes Snowhotel in Kirkenes, Norway

Northern lights hotel kirkenes
One of the best images of Kirkenes Snowhotel (photo: HotelsCombined)

Sleep Beneath The Snow

Kirkenes Snowhotel is situated in the far north of Norway.

This hotel offers guests a stunning and extremely unique accommodation experience, in which you’ll literally be sleeping under snow!

The snow suites are only available during winter, while the air-conditioned wooden cottages are available year round.

In your snow suite you will enjoy thermal bedspreads and sleeping bags to keep you nice and cosy at night.

If sleeping under snow sounds a bit too chilly for you, the wooden huts feature traditional Sami inspired design, large windows with mountain views, lounge chairs, and a private bathroom.

A stay at this snowhotel will give you access to a restaurant, sauna, free WiFi and on-site parking.

Here you can enjoy seasonal activities such as husky rides, Northern Lights tours, and snowmobiling in winter. Hiking, fishing and king crab rafting can also be enjoyed in the summer.

Prices start from just US$536. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

9. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Igloos and Chalets in Saariselka, Finland

Northern lights hotel Kakslauttanen
One of the best images of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Igloos and Chalets (photo: HotelsCombined)

Glass Igloos – Need We Say More?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Igloos and Chalets is an igloo village surrounded by nature in the Saariselkä Fell region of Finnish Lapland.

Each glass igloo comes with a comfy bed and en-suite bathroom as well as a cozy viewing area which allows you to watch the spectacular light show happening above.

The glass igloos are open to guests between the winter months of December and April.

If you choose to visit during any other time of the year, you can stay in one of their wooden chalets, which also gives you access to the world’s largest smoke sauna.

Prices start from just US$359. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

8. Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Selfoss, Iceland

northern lights hotel ion
One of the best images of Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel (photo: HotelsCombined)

Most Sustainable Luxury Hotel In Iceland

Receive an experience of a lifetime at Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel

Enjoy incredible views of Mount Hengill and the beautiful lava fields as the backdrop of your living space and marvel at the awe-inspiring Northern Lights from beneath.

ION is the most sustainable Boutique Hotel in Iceland.

This sleek, modern hotel is completely eco-friendly… The power is sourced from the nearby spring, and the building itself is built out of recycled and renewable materials.

Ecological yet modern rooms come complete with hypoallergenic beds, wooden floors, large windows, espresso machines and free Wi-Fi.

Situated in the southwestern town of Selfoss, this luxury adventure hotel is less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavík.

The hotel is also close to the Golden Circle route, Thingvellir National Park, and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station.

Prices start from just US$333. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

7. Hotel Ranga in Hella, Iceland

Northern lights hotel ranga
One of the best images of Hotel Ranga (photo: HotelsCombined)

A Luxurious Countryside Resort

Hotel Ranga is ideally located for viewing the Northern Lights in Iceland and is only a short drive from the Keflavík International Airport.

This luxury resort is settled in a countryside area so you can enjoy great views of the Arctic nature as well as the active volcano, Mount Hekla.

Offering a highly personalised service, this hotel has particular arrangements and services for experiencing the Northern Lights…

This includes a wake-up call so you don’t miss the magic, warm clothes and blankets for guest use and custom made benches placed at the Aurora watching point.

To make your stay even more indulgent choose a room with optional features such as spa bathtubs, balconies, flat-screen TVs and CD/DVD players.

If you’re feeling your stomach rumble, the on-site restaurant offers a riverside view where you can sample traditional Icelandic and Scandinavian cuisine.

Prices start from just US$304. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

6. Hotel Iso Syote in Syöte, Finland

Northern lights hotel Iso Syote
One of the best images of Hotel Iso Syote (photo: HotelsCombined)

Breathtaking Views With Modern Accommodation

Hotel Iso Syote is a mountain-top hotel situated in Syöte National Park, Finland which offers incredible views of the surrounding landscape.

Each cosy log room has a sitting area, satellite TV, and coffee maker and some also come complete with a kitchen and patio.

Not only will you have use of the beautiful heated pool but you’ll also be able to enjoy steamy evenings in the on-site sauna.

If you’re feeling peckish during your stay, the hotel’s on-site restaurant presents traditional Finnish and Sami dishes along with a scenic view.

Situated very close to the cross-country skiing trails, staff at the hotel can help you to arrange Northern Lights tours, snowmobile tours, ice driving or husky dog safaris.

Prices start from just US$112. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

5. Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat, Greenland

Northern lights hotel arctic
One of the best images of Hotel Arctic (photo: HotelsCombined)

The World’s Northern Most Four-Star Hotel

Hotel Arctic is the northern-most four-star hotel in the world. It also happens to be a prime location to witness the Aurora Borealis.

When you’re not watching the sky to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, you can marvel at the icebergs and sheer beauty of the arctic.

I recommend making the journey between mid-September and mid-April and staying in a room with an extraordinary view of the Northern Lights.

All rooms come complete with flat screen TV, minibar and en suite bathroom with amenities.

You can also enjoy views over Disko Bay whilst dining in the award winning Ulo restaurant.

Prices start from just US$278. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

4. Hamn i Senja in Hamn, Norway

Northern lights hotel hamn i
One of the best images of Hamn i Senja (photo: HotelsCombined)

Sleek Modern Comfort

Hamn i Senja is a holiday resort situated on the enchanting island of Senja in the north of Norway.

Whether you’re in Norway for a winter vacation or to discover the Northern Lights, this sleek, architecturally designed hotel can offer you everything you need, including comfortable rooms, exciting activities, professional conference facilities and excellent food.

Located in a wondrous natural setting, there is a great chance that you’ll be able to see the Aurora and the midnight sun from this hotel.

Prices start from just US$125. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

3. Golden Crown – Levin Iglut in Levi, Finland

Northern lights hotel golden crown
One of the best images of Golden Crown – Levin Iglut (photo: HotelsCombined)

Modern Living Under The Sky

The stunning glass igloos at Golden Crown – Levin Iglut offer fully insulated and heated accommodation to ensure you have a unique and cosy stay.

This is a peaceful hotel at the top of Utsuvaara Fell, in Finnish Lapland with the famous Levi Ski Resort situated only 9 km away.

Here you’ll have spectacular mountain views from your surrounding glass windows and the beautiful sky roof allows you to witness the Northern Lights show right from the comfort of your bed.

Not only that, each igloo comes complete with a private bathroom, including a shower and hairdryer.

Experience the Arctic in a unique and lavish way from this Finnish Northern Lights hotel.

Prices start from just US$389. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

2. Frost and Fire Hotel in Hveragerði, Iceland

Northern lights hotel frost and fire
One of the best images of Frost and Fire Hotel (photo: HotelsCombined)

Bath beneath the stars

The rooms at Frost and Fire Hotel feature bright lights, contemporary decor and various art works by famous Icelandic artists.

All cosy rooms have wooden floors, large beds and a private bathroom. Some of the rooms even offer a marvelous view of the river Varmá.

This is another premium spot for viewing the Aurora, especially from one of the 2 inviting outdoor hot tubs.

The Varmá restaurant serves a wide range of dishes made of local ingredients sourced from organic farms. And yes, you get to have your dinner with a view.

Thingvellir National Park is 40-minutes’ drive away and local shops are all within 10 minutes’ walk.

Prices start from just US$222. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

1. Abisko Mountain Lodge in Abisko, Sweden

Northern lights hotel abisko mountain
One of the best images of Abisko Mountain Lodge (photo: HotelsCombined)

Your Gateway To An Unforgettable Winter Vacation

Abiski Mountain Lodge is an ideal place to stay during your Aurora discovery.

Conveniently located close to Abisko Östra Train Station and Abisko ski resort, you’ll be right in the middle of everything you need. Not only that, The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is only 2km away.

Rooms at this cosy lodge include a private bathroom and free WiFi, while cottages come complete with a kitchenette.

If cooking is off the radar during your winter getaway, the in-house restaurant serves seasonal menus using locally sourced ingredients.

No matter what you plan to do during your stay at this Northern Lights hotel, the staff will help you to arrange it – from ice climbing, snowshoe trekking and heli-skiing to dog sledding and Northern Lights safaris.

Prices start from just US$146. To see more images and compare the best prices, go here.

Ready to pack your bags and whisk off to the magical countries of Scandinavia?

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Remember to book as soon as possible because the prices do go up (and well, isn’t it about time you ticked the Northern Lights off you bucket list?)

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