Hate paying too much credit card interest and looking for something with a low interest rate and low fees instead? Want a credit card you can use to shop online and pay in installments? Your search is now over with the Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card!

The Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card is the best credit card for savvy spenders aiming for better finance management. It allows you to keep your costs low but still enjoy all the functions of a common credit card. But before you jump into the credit card application, you must first know about the features, benefits, requirements, and fees that come with it. Read on to learn more.

Metrobank M Lite MasterCard Credit Card – Features and Benefits

Like all credit cards, the Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card has its fair share of exclusive features and benefits you’ll surely appreciate…

Firstly, you’ll enjoy the lowest finance charge in the market at 2.49%, considerably reducing your credit card costs.

Secondly, you’ll get access to exclusive freebies, deals and privileges at Metrobanks’ M Here partner establishments.


Thirdly, you can feel safe and secure with the “chip card” feature – which means no more fraud due to card cloning.

And on top of all of this, you can make good use of the 0% installment programs from a wide range of partner merchants. This allows you to take the product home and pay it off over a term of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months at 0% interest.

You will also be able to do things like pay bills anytime and anywhere, make cash advances and order supplementary cards for your loved ones.

The Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card offers a ton of benefits that’ll definitely fit in with your Filipino lifestyle. If you love these credit card benefits and have decided to request a credit card from Metrobank, below lists the requirements on how to order the card.

Metrobank M Lite MasterCard Credit Card – How To Apply

Applying for the Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card is simple. It can be done via the Metrobank online application form found on their website. However, before ordering the Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card, you must first check if you are eligible to get one. For this credit card you need to be at least 21 years of age and earning at least ₱16,700.00 per annum.

Along with your credit card application, you need to supply the required supporting documents. These will include Proof of ID, Proof of income and if you have a credit card that is over a year old, those details will need to be submitted. To show proof of income you must supply your most recent tax return, employment certificate and payslip.

Want a low interest credit card to shop online, pay in instalments & receive perks? The Metrobank M Lite Mastercard credit card is it. Here's how to apply.

Metrobank M Lite MasterCard Credit Card – Fees and Interest Rates

Credit fees and interest rates are important to know so you can manage your spending habits, especially if you are one who loves to travel. When traveling, budgeting is very important, but no worries, Metrobank M Lite MasterCard credit card has got you covered.

  • Annual Fee: ₱1,500.00
  • Supplementary card fee: ₱800.00
  • Interest Rate: 2.49% for retail expenses and 3.71% on cash advance

Other charges you should pay attention to include the late payment fee of P850 or Unpaid Minimum Amount Due (whichever is lower) and the cash advance fee of P600 or 3% of the amount withdrawn (whichever is higher). For a full list of fees, see here.

For a credit card like this your limit may be anywhere from ₱5,000 to ₱300,000. The exact limit amount will be decided by the bank based on your financial analysis.

Overall, the Metrobank M Lite Mastercard credit card is a smart choice if you’re looking for a low interest credit card which allows you to shop online, pay in installments and receive special perks. Visit the Metrobank website to learn more.

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