Looking a credit card that can take you around the world with NO annual fees? Are you looking for something that allows you to shop exclusive deals and get rebates from your installment transactions? With the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard, you can simply stop your search. Read on to know how you can apply for a PNB credit card.

PNB Credit Cards

Many people wonder why they still need to get own a credit card. In a fast-paced world where technology and convenience are all the rage, having a credit card is an essential tool for our everyday lives. To know more about what the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard offers, continue reading.

PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard Features & Benefits

To better understand the features and benefits that come with ordering a PNB credit card, let’s highlight one of their main offerings: The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard.

Firstly, this credit card boasts of ₱0 annual membership fees for life!

Secondly, it’s a credit card that gives you a 20% discount on The Travel Club house brands in your birthday month! Not to mention, you also get a 5% discount across all The Travel Club stores and a 1% rebate on The Travel Club installment transactions!


Thirdly, for every ₱40 spend at The Travel Club and ₱50 spend elsewhere, you earn 1 rewards point. You can transfer your points to the Mabuhay Miles program or to your cash credits and with enough points, you can enjoy FREE flights from Philippine Airlines.

And get this – you pay 0% interest on installments and you get to choose your preferred payment terms!

Looking a credit card that can take you around the world with NO annual fees? Stop the search with a PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard. How to apply..

How to Apply for the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard

The easiest way to apply for a PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard is to fill out the application form found on the PNB website. Once you have filled it out, simply scan and email back to PNBCreditCards@pnb.com.ph. You can also submit your credit card application form at any PNB branch.

To be eligible for this credit card you must be aged 21 to 65 years old and have a monthly income of at least ₱40,000. You will also need to submit the required supporting documents such as a valid government-issued ID and proof of income (a certificate of employment and latest ITR).

Once submitted, the bank will conduct an assessment. If approved, PNB will determine your credit limit based on your financial status.

PNB Credit Card Fees

To better understand the responsibilities that come with paying for a flexible credit card, let’s take a look at the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard once more.

There is no annual membership fee for life, meaning you can say goodbye to pesky renewals and reminders!

If you are interested in getting a supplementary credit card for your family, you don’t have to worry about paying for their annual fees either!

The interest rate for the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard is 3.25% per month.

Other charges you should bear in mind include the late payment fee of ₱300 or 10 USD and a cash advance fee of 5% of the amount withdrawn or a 2% rate for Dollar purchases plus a transaction fee of ₱100 or 3 USD.

With these benefits outlined, you can see that the PNB The Travel Club Platinum Mastercard is a great choice if you want special advantages and easy payment plans!

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