Do you need a credit card with a low-interest rate and has more value-added features? Get these and more with the FNB Premier Credit Card. Aside from the fact that you can use this card for your daily expenses, you can also use this abroad for a hassle-free payment. No need to carry loads of cash just because you need to buy a gadget, furniture or any other items. Being equipped with this credit card can help you conquer the world, one swipe at a time.

Read on to learn more about this credit and how you can apply.

Features of the FNB Premier Credit Card

Aside from really low-interest rates, FNB stays true to its promise of secure and reliable banking. All cardholders can definitely be worry-free of fraudulent transactions because of the top-notch security of FNB. In this article, you’re going to understand why having the FNB Premier Credit Card is worth it.

Got a poor credit? You can get back up with the help of qualified and experienced bankers from FNB. Having the premier credit card gives you access to these professionals. They can help you make the most out of your money and guide you through the world of banking.

Experience luxury in any way possible using this credit card. With the FNB Premier Credit Card, you can get access to SLOW Lounge in selected international airports. Indulge in delectable snacks, refreshments, freshly-brewed coffee, spa treatments and many more, while waiting for your flight. Simply present your card upon entry and get comfortable for hours.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can benefit from the Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance that comes free with the FNB Premier Credit Card. With this, you can get up to R10 million coverage for medical expenses for almost 90 days, anywhere you are in the world. Moreover, you can also get up to R2.5 million coverage for personal liability.

The FNB Premier Credit Card is also powered by Visa, giving you access to big merchant discounts in selected partners of Visa.

Looking for a credit card with a low-interest rate and has more value-added features? FNB Premier Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:

FNB Premier Credit Card Application

To qualify as a cardholder, you need to be at least 21 years of age, a legal resident and must be earning R300,000 to R749,999 per year. Supporting documents are also required by the bank for verification purposes. Bring with you a copy of South African ID book or card, proof of residence, copy of pay slip and three months’ bank statements. You can head on to FNB website for more details.

For the credit limit, note that FNB will determine the amount that will be manageable for you. It can be between R5,000 to R30,000 or higher, depending on your financial status.

Fees and Charges of the FNB Premier Credit Card

To continue using this card, you need to pay for R71 for the monthly account fee. For the cash advance, you are charged R65. Since the bank offers personalized interest rate, you have control over the amount. Although FNB doesn’t charge any late payment fee, you still need to pay on time to prevent the added interest on top of your bill.

Order the FNB Premier Credit Card if you want to unlock new worlds and experience a boost in your lifestyle. Get access to an array of exciting features and promotions only available for FNB cardholders.

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