Wham, bam, shazam and we’re at the end of March ALREADY.

I’m not sure what you’re thinking but if this is anything to go by, time is ticking along pret-ty fast.

Which means that now is the time to act if travel is constantly on your mind. You’re not getting any younger and the world isn’t moving backwards so it’s time to get your priorities in order. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and create a plan of action to get there – whether that be working more hours, keeping a piggy bank, spending more wisely or simply setting something in stone and buying that golden ticket.

Let me send some motivation and encouragement your way in this recent blog post… I think you’ll like it.

Now, if this is the first time you’ve read a travel income report from us, you might want to get a little background information here. We record our earnings in this Money in Movement series every couple of months to inspire and show you that you can follow your dreams and that it really is possible to travel and live off an online income.


As I have mentioned in our last reports, the earnings recorded here are purely based on the figures for Adireto Ltd, our start-up based in Hong Kong. A quick heads up: Before you freak – you do not need a start-up company in Hong Kong in order to make money online while you travel.

Essentially, we don’t actually use any of this money for every day living (travelling) as we also make personal income outside of the business. Expenses such as website hosting, advertising and educational resources, however, are covered by Adireto as we aim to re-invest back into the business.

Basically, long story short, this is a place for you to come and be nosy (without actually being nosy at all) and find out exactly what we (the business) earn, how we (the business) earn it and where we (the business) earn it from.

Just to make sure I’ve made it clear enough one last time – this report is based on the income for our new business and not our own personal earnings.

I think I might have got the message across. Now let’s take a moment to reflect.

January/February 2015 Reflection

Okay. What an insanely amazing and exhilarating couple of months January and February were.

It all started with a quiet countdown and a small firework display on some little beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


We welcomed a bright and successful 2015 with a huge bang on Copacabana Beach, partying it up and choking on pepper spray at one of the most famous new years celebrations in the world. And it was incredible.

The days after that were spent backpacking around the state of Rio de Janeiro, dotting our way from…



To Copacabana


To Ipanema


To Chapeu Mangueira



To Santa Teresa…


To São Gonçalo…


To Niteroi…


To Sana…


To Buzios…


To Cabo Frio…


And finally, to Arraial do Cabo…

Hostel Caravela (18)

My favourite? Beautiful Buzios. And I’ll show you why in a future (but not so distant) blog post.

To get around to all these different destinations in Rio it took us just over a month filled with crazy bus journeys, lots (and I mean lots) of Acai and plenty of sunshine (my skin now hates me for it). At the same time Dan and I were also earning online AND staying for free in each place, except Santa Teresa where we were still able to get a discount. Can we get a Hi-5?

This really blew us away… The fact that we were able to travel around Rio de Janeiro for a whole month and not have to pay for accommodation almost the whole time…

Somehow we still managed to spend quite a lot though… I don’t know, it could have been all those Acai bowls. Well hey, they’re completely addictive, not my fault.

In our last travel income report I only touched on this little strategy that we conjured up for finding free accommodation because we were still figuring it all out. Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, we’ll be using this method a lot more in our future travels and sharing the outcomes with you.

Right now you’re probably sitting there wondering why I’m simply taking so long to tell you how to get free accommodation while you travel. And the more I blabber on, I’m wondering the same thing.

But how about this… If you stay tuned over the coming week, I’ll write an entire blog post covering the strategies you can use to find free accommodation… Wherever you are in the world. Deal?

Here’s another cool thing… While we were travelling around, staying in all of these unbelievable places (Brazil is amazing – add it to your bucket list) we were also able to earn an income, like when we were travelling in Italy, Holland, England, Scotland, Wales, Hong Kong and other countries together. Technically, working online has enabled us to continuously travel, wherever and whenever we like.

Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil is where we headed next. This is the area Dan spent half of his childhood growing up in and is home to most of his family. A beautiful place, filled with parks, shopping malls and almost too many churrascarias (BBQ houses), Curitiba is the complete opposite to Rio de Janeiro. I believe that there was a far bigger European settlement here so everything looks and feels that little bit more civilised. I hope it’s okay to say that because I also loved how care free and vibrant Rio de Janeiro was.


And so, while I’m writing this report and Dan is mentally preparing to take his 500th video recording of the night (let’s hope the next one is the one), we are sitting warm and snug in Curitiba while the rain patters down outside.

Now on to the money making part…

If you’ve been following us and keeping up to date with our income reports, you would probably already know that we don’t make all of our income from one particular source. In fact, we actually have a growing number of different income streams on the go – sometimes they provide and sometimes they don’t. You could say travel blogging is only a tiny part of what we do to support ourselves as we travel.

During January and February we tested a number of different strategies to grow our income online. This ranged from selling digital products to advertisement to services. Dan was focusing his efforts on affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products and earning commissions) using Facebook Ads, which took his skills to whole other level and really paid off. The income made can’t technically be included within this report as he was investing all of the revenue into his brothers business in Brazil. Just as a rough figure though, a couple of hours per day setting up ads brought in about $9,865 BRL minus about a $3,571 BRL investment, which turned out a $6294 BRL profit in the first two months of getting started.

I’m still learning how to master, or rather, try out this technique but from what I’ve seen, it’s a pretty legit way of building your sales and communication skills whilst earning recurring income. Bingo!

With this focus on affiliate marketing came the opportunity for Dan to sell his services as an affiliate manager. Basically, he created this job out of thin air (he’s a bit like that) and then contacted some digital product owners. Simply put, he now manages groups of affiliates (people just like him who promote other people’s products for a commission), helping them to increase their sales, which in turn creates more revenue for the product owners. It is the product owners who then pay Dan (Adireto Ltd) for this service.

I’ve tried to put that as simply as I can but if you’re reading it with your head turned sideways, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Okay, on to the report…

Travel Income Report January/February 2015

Product Sales:

Freelance Writers Access: $17.86 USD


Affiliate Managing: $372.54 USD

Affiliate Commissions:

OptimizePress: $116.40 USD
Envato: $158.40 USD

Direct Advertisement:

EUR €2,312.47




USD: $665.20
EUR: €2,312.47
HK: $0

Total in HKD: $24,684.01

Again, none of this income is used for any expenses other than those related to growing the business – advertisement, educational resources, web hosting, etc.

The sub-total amounts shown above depict the exact figures we received after fees. But to keep it simple for this post series we use XE Currency exchange to exchange all sub-total amounts into Hong Kong Dollars for the total as Hong Kong is where the business is based. Please bear in mind, due to the exchange rates going up and down this total may not be 100% accurate.

To find out how much this total amount is equivalent to in some other currencies, please see below:

US Dollar
The Great British Pound
Brazilian Real
Australian Dollar
Indian Rupee

Thoughts and Goals for the Next Report

Well, in terms of money, the company didn’t see much growth over January and February, especially with the Euro decreasing in value. With it being the beginning of the year, these figures are fairly understandable – although it has made us more eager to work harder over the next few months. You might have noticed here some different sources of income compared to previous reports and that’s because we were just starting to roll out plans for growing the business, which you should be able to identify quite clearly within the next report.

Now that we’re almost a month into our next case study, we have started creating and selling some more digital products (which we will detail within the next report), Dan has landed another client for his affiliate managing services, AND (I’m most excited about this one) we have almost completed edition 2 of our eBook Travel More, which we will be launching at the beginning of April along with a pretty amazing bonus. By the next report, we hope to have all of our products, which mainly consist of eBooks and eCourses, up and running and selling with the help of Facebook Ads.

We will also be heavily focusing on growing our audience for this travel blog using Instagram. For a month now we’ve been a lot more active on Instagram, posting travel inspiration every day, which has brought our followers up from 2,200 to over 4,000. We hope to continue doubling our audience on Instagram every month as we strongly believe that visual communication is a powerful to grow our reach and attract future opportunities. I’ll be posting this case study showing you exactly how we’re doing it within the next few weeks, so stay tuned if you’re eager to grow your audience on Instagram and attract more people to your offer/blog/videos, etc.

On top of these plans, Dan is on a mission to reach over $20,000 BRL with affiliate marketing over the months of March and April. This equates to about $7,955 AUD for any of my Aussie friends reading. Man, I wish I could stick those figures into the report but we can’t because, like I said at the beginning of this post, this income report is only based on the figures for Adireto Ltd.

Anyway, a slow start to the beginning of the year financially, but fantastic overall. We had a great time travelling in different parts of Brazil and can’t wait to see more. Which brings me to my final question, nothing money or business related, but important nonetheless…

Where on earth should we go next?!

We’re thinking Florianopolis… the Amazon… PERU…

Your thoughts?

Follow all of our adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and let’s meet up if we happen to arrive in the same city as you!

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