Travel Income Reports: Money In Movement Post Series

There’s a time when things do have to get a little serious while travelling and that’s usually a time when money is involved.

Because the third chapter in our eBook ‘Travel More’ is about making money while travelling, we decided to call this series Money in Movement.

What is the Money in Movement series?

Once every two months we write a detailed report about our online earnings while we travel. We do this not only to help us keep track of our own progress but also because essentially, we want to be as honest and transparent as possible with you.

We want to lead by example by showing you how possible it is to make an online income in movement. It’s easy to say you can do something but it’s another to actually do it.

Moreover, we also believe that it encourages engagement, new ideas and more opportunities. So feel free to leave a comment with anything that comes to your mind – even if you think that it’s a terrible idea and you never want to hear from us again.

We begin by describing the things we’ve done within the previous two months (with regards to our travels and online work) that may have had an impact on our income. Then we spell out each source of income to the cent and then go on to finish off with goals for the next month.

These reports are based on the income for Adireto Ltd, a new company started up in Hong Kong in April 2014. For the purpose of this case study, any other personal income made is excluded. Come on this learning curve with us, find out what works and what doesn’t and discover how possible it is to make an online income while travelling.

What is Adireto Ltd?

In March 2014 we left our second home in Thailand and travelled onwards to Hong Kong to startup a business, Adireto Ltd, which is now the company behind our new online ventures. With already one other company based in Brazil, Dan decided to startup Adireto Ltd in Hong Kong for a number of reasons which you can find on this post.

Now let’s get started on the reports!

Please note: These reports show the exact figures we receive every two months, however, sometimes they may show accumulated earnings from previous months that weren’t deposited.

You should know that we do not make a living purely from the income recorded in our reports as this is a brand new business. The aim of this case study is to show how you can build a business and make money while traveliing.