Have you been scouring the Internet in an attempt to find cheap British Airways flights? Need a helping hand in looking for the best dates and places to fly?

With this guide in hand, you won’t have to look any further. This article will show you all the tips and tricks for finding the best deals on British Airways flight bookings.

To know more about how you can score the British Airways flight deals, read on.

Where does British Airways fly from?

British Airways is proud to take you to numerous places from airports throughout the United Kingdom. They fly from:

  • London Heathrow
  • London Gatwick
  • London City
  • London Stansted
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester, and more

There are tons of special offers and cheap flights if you book at just the right moment. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers and you might just snag a flight that’s departing close to home.


What are the cheapest months to fly with British Airways?

Knowing when to book allows you to get your hands on the cheapest flights in the cheapest months.

When looking for cheap British Airways flights from the UK, the best months to time your travel are during the months of June to December.

This will guarantee low cost flights that are definitely within your reach.

Need a helping hand in looking for the best times and places to fly? Check cheap British Airways flights from the UK today!

Where can you find cheap British Airways flights?

While you might find some good deals when booking with various online travel agencies, nothing beats the cheap fares that come when booking your travel directly through the the airline’s website.

For example, a round trip flight from London to Manchester in March will come out to around £112 when booking with Expedia. On Skyscanner, the most affordable one you can find is around £99.

However, when you book directly using the British Airways website, you can score tickets from London to Manchester for around £40 each way during March 2019. Overall, you can get your tickets for as low as around £80!

Monitor the promos offered by checking the special deals page from time to time.

British Airways Ticket Fees

Should you decide to book directly on the British Airways website, you can fly from London Heathrow Airport to Manchester roundtrip for a low fee of £89.64. This already includes taxes, as well as 2 pieces of carry-on luggage.

A checked bag, the ability to choose seats, as well as changing your flights on the same day may be arranged for a fee.

Aside from the base fare, you also have the option to upgrade to Economy Plus for only £10.

British Airways Rewards Program

If you are a frequent flyer, you’ll be happy to know that British Airways offers a comprehensive rewards program. Through their Avios program, you can collect bonuses and rewards each time you book a flight, hotel, or even hire a car rental service.

You can claim your points on any British Airways flight, cabin upgrade, hotel accommodation, and more.

British Airways Flight Booking Tips

Finding cheap British Airways flights can be really easy if you book early and avoid peak travel times. Since there are a limited number of low seat fares per flight, you have a higher chance of scoring these if you purchase your tickets early.

When in search of lower fares, make sure to avoid peak travel times and months since tickets sell quickly on these dates. Most importantly, be sure to scout the best deals on the British Airways website. While there are other booking platforms that appear to offer cheaper deals, the taxes these sites add in the end can surprise you.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website today and start your search for cheap British Airways flights from the UK!

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