Looking for a worthwhile credit card that allows you to manage your transactions online? How about one that offers the best perks and deals, nationwide and worldwide? LienVietPostBank might have the credit card that you need. Want to know more? Here’s how to apply.

LienVietPostBank Credit Card Features and Benefits

When you choose to work with this bank, one of the most notable options you have is the LienVietPostBank MasterCard International Credit Card. This is perfect for frequent travelers especially because of its accessibility nationwide and in many access points across the globe. You can use this card at any location in the world that accepts Master-Cards. This includes ATMs and points of sales, making it accessible to over 33 million points.

No time to go to the bank to pay for your monthly loans? You pay at least 5% of the balance using their e-banking services. You can also manage your account anywhere you are also by using their e-banking services. This way, you can pay for your bills with just the tap of a button.

You can also get the most out of your card through their discount and promotion programs, giving you perks for partner establishments such as hotels, restaurants and beauty shops.

Getting a LienVietPostBank Credit Card

If you think this card is for you, you can get more information about the application process by visiting the LienVietPostBank website. Worry not because you can easily jumpstart your application just by going to a branch near you. You can give them a call before visiting to ensure that your experience goes as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that you need to bring required documents such as copies of your valid ID or passport. You should also show proof of income amounting to VND 3 million or more.


For standard rates, a maximum credit limit of VND 500 million applies for non-collateral cards.

LienVietPostBank Credit Card Fees and Charges

Availing this card means that you will have payments to deal with. However, there is no need to fret as the bank offers affordability. Primary cardholders are required to pay annual fees as low as VND 150,000, whilst a lower fee of VND 100,000 applies for supplementary cardholders. If you choose to withdraw cash, be prepared to pay a 22% interest rate. For other transactions, a low rate of 22% also applies. The good news is there is a grace period of 45 days (not applicable for delivery and cash withdrawal).

Keep in mind that cash advances entail fees of 4% of the transaction value, with a minimum of 50,000. Should you fail to pay your dues on time, be ready to pay a late payment fee that is 3% of the minimum amount with a minimum of 50,000, as well.

You can never go wrong with a card that offers accessibility, affordability and value for your money. LienVietPostBank MasterCard International Credit Card is your best bet to achieving the best combination for your budget and convenience. Interested? Give the bank a call or visit the nearest branch today!

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