Want to have a credit card that allows you to enjoy luxuries and privileges? By getting a Maritime Bank Credit Card, you can get these perks and many others. Proceed reading to know how to order a Maritime Bank Credit Card.

Maritime Bank offers credit cards for different types of purchases. Powered by Mastercard and Visa, you can use these to buy online and in physical stores in Vietnam and abroad. Likewise, you can use these for booking flights and hotel accommodations. Moreover, you are entitled to a generous cashback and promos programs which give you more purchasing power.

Maritime Bank Credit Card Types

Maritime Bank offers two types of cards – the basic Platinum and high-end Visa Travel. Each of the two cards caters to a specific market. To give you a glimpse of what Maritime Bank Credit Cards can offer, let’s set our eyes on the Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card.

The Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card is ideal for your daily and special purchases. What’s more, it also offers a unique set of advantages and privileges. Below are some of them:

Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Firstly, you can avail of a 5% cashback on your purchases during your birthday. This perk serves as a gift that gives you the power to make more spending during this special day using the card.

Moreover, with a discount of up to 50% in JOY and JOY+ discount community. With this benefit, you can enjoy better vacations with your family and friends.

What’s more, you can have the option to obtain a Priority Pass to more than 600 luxury airport lounges in Vietnam and overseas. You can also get a Global Travel Insurance with up to VND10.5 billion worth of coverage.

Excited to request a Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card? You should first take note of the bank’s requirements.

Want to have a credit card that allows you to buy online and in physical stores in Vietnam and abroad? Maritime Bank Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:

Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card Application Process

Head on to Maritime Bank website for more details. The Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card will ask you to show proof of identity (you must be aged 18 to 65). Moreover, you should present a family book or temporary stay document in cities or provinces where there is a Maritime Bank branch. You must also present documents proving that you are employed, and you are earning at least VND5 million per month.

When your application is approved, Maritime Bank will give you a credit limit of up to VND1 billion. This figure will depend on your financial capacity and credit standing.

Fees and Interest Rates

For the Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card, you need to pay an annual fee of VND1.2 million. You must be aware of the cash advance fee worth 4% of every transaction or VND50,000, whichever is higher, and a late payment fee worth 3% of the total payment or VND80,000, whichever is higher.

The Maritime Bank Platinum Credit Card has an annual interest rate of 2.33% per month.

In summary, by applying for the Maritime Bank Credit Card, you can experience a more luxurious living and travels with its many perks.

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