Do you want to have a card free of interest for up to 45 days? By requesting for a PVcomBank Credit Card, you can get this exclusive privilege and a lot more. Read on to know how to order a PVcomBank Credit Card.

Having a PVcomBank Credit Card allows you to do many things. Since Mastercard powers this card, you can make cashless transactions inside and outside Vietnam. Using this car, you can purchase online and in-store from merchants all over the world. You can also travel to any local and international destination without the fear of losing cash. Moreover, you can avail of cashback and rewards, increasing your purchasing power.

PVcomBank Credit Card Types

PVcomBank offers three credit cards for specific groups of people with distinct purchasing requirements. The bank has the primary Mastercard Smart International, the mid-range Mastercard Gold International, and the premier Mastercard Platinum International. To give you a better understanding of how PVcomBank Credit Cards work, let’s focus on the Mastercard Smart International.

The PVcomBank Mastercard Smart International Credit Card caters to average people who need a card for daily purchases. You can also enjoy perks and advantages using this card.

PVcomBank Mastercard Smart International Credit Card Benefits

PVcomBank will not charge you for the card’s annual fee for the first year. This privilege gives you time and opportunity to use the card without minding the yearly fee.


You will also enjoy an interest-free shopping with the card for up to 45 days. With this feature, you can spend more within the first month after you receive the card. The bank also allows you to choose a monthly statement date that suits your needs.

By registering on PVcomBank Plentii, you get a Card Management feature allowing you to keep track of your purchases and make sure that they are within your selected budget.

What’s more, this is equipped with the latest EMV chip technology for better security in your purchases.

Interested in applying for a PVcomBank Mastercard Smart International Credit Card? You must first fulfill its requirements.

Are you looking for a credit card that you can get exclusive privilege and a lot more? PVcomBank Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:

PVcomBank Credit Card Application Process

You can apply for a PVcomBank Credit Card online, just visit their website for the application form. But make sure you comply with the bank’s requirements. For PVcomBank Mastercard Smart International Credit Card, you need to present proof of identity that you are between the ages of 18 and 62. You should also have a savings account at PVcomBank. You must also show proof of income that you have a monthly income of VND6 million.

Upon the approval of your application, you are entitled to a credit limit of approximately VND10million based on your credit score and financial capacity.

Fees and Interest Rates

Each PVcomBank Credit Card has its set of costs and interest rates. For the PVcomBank Mastercard Smart International Credit Card, you should pay an annual fee of VND300,000 a year after you receive your card. You must also take note of the cash advance fee (4% of every transaction or VND50,000, whichever is greater) and late payment fee (5% of the total amount or VND80,000, whichever is greater). The annual interest rate of this card is 25%.

In summary, having a PVcomBank Credit Card allows you to make cashless purchases with flexible repayment scheme.

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