Do you want a credit card you can use to access in millions of ATMs and merchants in Vietnam and other parts of the world while enjoying multiple promos? By ordering the Techcombank Credit Card, you can enjoy these perks and a lot more. Read on to know how to apply for the Techcombank Credit Card.

By being a Techcombank Credit Card holder, you now have a card for daily spendings and more. Powered by JCB and Visa, purchasing from online and offline stores has become a breeze. Moreover, you can easily book airline and hotel accommodations to virtually any city all over the world. What’s more, you can enjoy generous rewards if you qualify for the bank’s requirements.

Techcombank Credit Card Types

Techcombank Credit Card offers different types of cards for various people with distinct lifestyles. From the basic Techcombank JCB to the premier Techcombank Platinum Visa, each of these cards has a unique set of benefits ideal for a specific group of people. To give you a glimpse of what these cards can offer, let’s use Techcombank JCB as an example.

Branded as a Dream Card, Techcombank JCB Credit Card is intended for average people who want to have to have a card for daily use. Despite being a primary card, it is not short of various advantages and privileges. Here are just a few of them:

Techcombank JCB Credit Card Benefits

As a cardholder, you are immediately qualified to enjoy huge discounts when you purchase products and services from a Techcombank partner. As a privilege only offered to Techcombank credit cardholders, you can expect to bring home more products and avail more services.

From time to time, Techcombank cardholders have access to special promos. With this, you can get exciting gifts and surprises especially during holidays and other special events.

You can withdraw money from an ATM using your Techcombank JCB card if you need instant cash. With a high cash advance limit, you can quickly get money when unexpected needs arise.

Moreover, with the bank’s advanced online features, you can easily monitor your expenses by receiving statements in different forms like email, text messages, mobile phones notifications. You can also receive free alerts when there are attempts to forge or if it is used without your consent.

Convinced to apply for a Techcombank JCB Credit Card? Have a look at its requirements.

Want a credit card you can use to access in millions of ATMs and merchants in Vietnam and other parts of the world while enjoying multiple promos? Techcombank Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:

Techcombank JCB Credit Card Application Process

You can request for any Techcombank Credit Card online, just visit their website for the application form. When applying, you should take note that each of the cards has a unique set of requirements. For Techcombank JCB Credit Card, show proof of identity that you are between the ages of 21 and 62 then you should submit a copy of proof of income that you are earning a monthly income of 4 million VND (if you’re a Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh resident) or 3 million VND (in other places in Vietnam).

Fees and Interest Rates

For the Techcombank JCB Credit Card, you need to pay an annual fee of VND 150,000. You should also be mindful of certain fees such as cash advance fee of approximately 4% of the amount of every transaction and late payment fee which is approximately 4% of the total payment.

Overall, you can enjoy being a Techcombank Credit cardholder if you want easy access to cash during unexpected events and want to get more basic privileges.

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