Having trouble finding a credit card that is not only accessible but affordable? VP Bank can help you get an option that allows you to make transactions anywhere in the country without burning through your wallet. They have a variety of offers that fits your needs and more! Read on to find out the most affordable and accessible card from their selection.

VP Bank Credit Card Features and Benefits

The VP Bank StepUp MasterCard allows you to pay for your purchases and other transaction at hundreds and thousands of establishments around the country and across the globe.  This makes this credit account the best option for individuals looking for nationwide and worldwide accessibility.

To satisfy your affordability needs, this card offers cash back up to VND 600,000. You can also enjoy a 2% refund at restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas nationwide. A refund of 5% also applies to electronics and electric devices purchases.

Aside from these, you can enjoy exciting perks and worthwhile deals at thousands of stores around the country and the world.

Need a credit card that is not only accessible but affordable? VP Bank StepUp Credit Card is your best option. Here's how to apply...

Getting a VP Bank Credit Card

When applying for this card, you can look forward to a smooth and straightforward application process. Whether you are a Vietnamese or a resident foreigner, you are welcome to order this credit card. One of the qualifications you must fulfil is the salary requirement. You must have a monthly income of VND 7,500,000 to be eligible for this offer.


Visit VP Bank website for the details. Before you start your application, make sure that you have all the required documents. Just download the VP MasterCard application form and fill out the required information. You also need a copy of your valid identification card and passport. Make sure to bring the original for verification. To prove your residency status, you need to present a permanent household registration book (copy and original), as well as your latest utility bill (electricity, water, TV, internet invoices).

You also need to prove your employment and income, so bring a copy of your employment contract and bank statement showing the last 3 months. Your credit limit (up to 500 million) can depend on this information.

VP Bank Credit Card Fees and Charges

You do not have to pay any annual fees for your primary and supplementary cards with conditions applied. Any instalment purchases do not have an interest rate, but it comes with a handling fee of 1% per month of the instalment term. You can also take advantage of the interest-free period of 45 days.

Keep in mind that fees and charges may apply for cash advances and late payments.

If you are interested in getting an accessible and worthwhile credit card, the VP Bank StepUp Credit Card might just the right one for you. With this in your arsenal, you can go anywhere you need to be without worrying about access to your account and paying exorbitant prices.

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