Recently, while we were sitting in the sunshine, chatting about travel and enjoying a delicious Cornish breakfast with a lovely couple we’d just met, they said this to us:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Dan and I sat at the table and thought for a second. Was that fear speaking? Or was it as a matter of fact, true? 

While I’m still deciding whether or not I 100% agree with the quoted words, one thing I will say is that it’s always a good idea to do a little research before you travel. Take it from us, we’ve done the whole turning up in an unknown place, knowing nothing and while it’s fun and spontaneous, it doesn’t open you up to all a place can offer.

Travel is all about experiencing, learning and coming away with different or more in depth views which help to shape who you are and what you stand for. To truly experience a place though, you need that basic prior knowledge. You need that stepping stone to be able to go on your own way and explore deeper.

There’s so much out there that we don’t know about until someone we know has been there. So when it comes to doing your research, don’t always go straight to Google. Find out about places you’d like to see from people just like you, with the same common interests because that is how you can guarantee your trip will be right for YOU.


When we want to do our research about somewhere we’re going, we can’t go past personal recommendation for information suited most to what we want in our trip.

Recently, we asked some friends for their recommendations on where to go in Wales. We got a great response with people really wanting to help us by sharing their own experiences in Wales. From these recommendations, we were able to plan an efficient route and pinpoint an area we’d love to finish up in before heading over to Scotland.

Here’s some of the response we got:

“One place that is of interest, but not necessarily wonderful, is Barry. You may ask, why is Barry interesting…well, that is where Julia Gillard grew up, lol!

Also, we visited some really interesting castles, looking for Caerleon, which was the supposed site of Camelot (I don’t think we ever found it, I think he was going on my navigation!)

Near Abergavenny is a little town called Usk, where there is a beautiful ruined castle. One of the roads to the town, I don’t know what it is called, has an awesome house painted like a cow!

Then, we went on to Brecon, where we stayed in a hotel that was built into a ruined castle. The Brecon area has some great walks, in the Brecon Beacons National Park. I love walking!

Not Wales, but further north is the Lake District, and that is fantastic for walking!!!” ~ Heather Shearer

“Definitely recommend Conwy for the castle!” ~ Libby Herman

“Go to Tenby. Also, Snowdonia when there’s no mist” ~ Ann Woolacott

Just from these few tips we’ve mapped out our journey in Wales!

It goes a little like this (with a few more places chucked in there as we go):

  1. Usk
  2. Abergavenny
  3. Caerleon
  4. Cardiff
  5. Barry
  6. Brecon
  7. Tenby
  8. Snowdonia
  9. Conwy

Get ready for an abundance of pictures and videos of spectacular castle ruins, lush green countryside and beautiful mountain views in Wales!

Have you been to Wales? What was your  most amazing experience? Drop us a recommendation below! Thank you! 

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